Little Music Player

Now under GPL-3.0-only License

A mini, simple, yet compatible notification-based audio player.

Plays audios and videos, like how you expected to.

How small? Currently less than 0.5 MB.

Designed in hope for compatibility with different android versions.

Open-sourced and publicly-viewable code for anyone worrying about being locked in or privacy invasion.

Supports Android 1.0+

For Android 13+, notification permission needs to be granted to work properly.

Previously known as simple music player.

We also have other branches, for people with different needs.

- Tiny Music Player
For the smallest apk, but with the least functionality.

Source code available on Github.

sample picture

Newest version: v2.13 (Updated on 20/07/2023)

- Now support folder-based playlist for Android 5.0+
- Now support temporary playlist via multi-share

- Fixed permission missing on newer android
- Now runs on Android 14 (emulator)
- Added permission blocks at the bottom of activity

- New loop function for non-streaming audio
- Playlist support (via m3u) (does not work with relative path yet) (may require storage permissions)
- Skip button for playlist

- Support internet streaming (new internet permission)
- Added required permissions for notifications (Android 13+)
- Better error reporting
- Fixed audio player null when destroying
- Fix spelling mistake
- Updated notifications
- Added required permissions for audio file opening (older androids)

You can download from the following ways:

Get it on F-Droid

Get it on Github

Get it here (apk v2.13)

Get it on MGGames Downloader

Sorry if the above methods don't suit you.