Little File Explorer

Now under GPL-3.0-only License

A simple file explorer, designed with compatibility in mind.

It provides multiple functions, including copy and pasting files, multi-file share, etc. More information available in Features section below.

Supports Android 1.0+

Open-sourced and publicly-viewable code for anyone worrying about being locked in or privacy invasion.

Previous known as Simple File Explorer (but from martinmimigames).

Important features:

- Free

- Small (less than 40KB)

- Basic file operations (Cut, copy, paste, rename, delete)

- Easy switch between sdcard and internal storage

- Multi-share function

- File/folder path copying

- Minimum permissions

Source code available on Github.

sample picture

Newest version: v4.8 (Updated on 08/03/2023)

Update Log:

- Allow folder path to be copied to clipboard
- Fixed incorrect handling after path copying
- Fixed delete conformation button being pushed out by long list
- Fixed copying to incorrect directory when moved directory while in progress

- Added multi-share option (sdk 4+)
- Added file path copy option
- Allow open file with default apps
- Reduced open list button size
- Capitalised buttons
- Changed opener text

- Fixed not opening when no sdcard inserted

- smaller apk
- fixed quick selection overlap with menu list
- opening file request by other app now have open prompt
- changed audio png
- back button now go back to parent folder if available

You can download from the following ways:

Get it on F-Droid

Get it on Github

Get it from website (apk v4.8)

Get it on MGGames Downloader

Sorry if the above methods doesn't suit you.